A Digital Voice for Artists & Galleries

Build trust with collectors online, using networking tools that enhance your website and give you control

A Unique Approach

Our plugins/widgets and cloud-based systems are free and designed to strengthen the independence of curators and artists, not dominate the art world. We don't feature art or artists on our website, sell art, curate art, or speak to collectors about art. Our tools empower artists and curators to do all of these things better on their own websites.

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Connecting to Collectors

Online collectors face a dilemma. They go online to discover new artists, however, are reluctant to buy from curators or artists they don't know. So they turn to people they already trust, their friends and experts in the media. Our technology makes it easy for followers to introduce you to their friends, and for you to get your art onto news and magazine websites.

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Deepening Relationships

Online communities have destroyed dictatorships and changed the world, by giving everyone the ability to follow and engage with things that inspire them. Our technology not only makes it easy for collectors to better understand artists and curators by following them, but also allows you to better understand collectors.

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Delivering Control

Established galleries and artists are embracing the internet, the fastest growing and fifth largest market for art. Alliances with exclusive websites give them access to tools vital for connecting with online collectors. We have redesigned these tools around the needs of curators and made them freely available, because we believe every curator and artist should have control of their career.

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A Digital Reality

The same forces that transformed the lives of musicians, film makers and writers are now changing the art world. Collectors are going online fast, changing the way they search for art and connect to galleries and artists. Having access to the right technology is increasingly critical to success.

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Simplifying Technology

We spend more time designing and redesigning the look and feel of our technology than actually creating the core functions. Powerful technology is useless if it is too complicated to use. Our inspirations often come from technology we all love, so if vPatina feels strangely familiar, don't be surprised.

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Exploring an Evolving Market

Starting with Warhol, artists used computers to create art. Now artists are selling digital only works. Brian Eno has created apps; Rafael Rozendaal has sold websites; and Damien Hirst has produced digital editions. We are working with artists and curators to offer a growing range of digital content to collectors to enjoy on a broad range of devices.

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