Wild Imagination Free

Anchorage, United States

4 Mar 2021 - 3 Apr 2021

Wild Imagination set shot by Patrick Chin Behind the scenes video from the trip by Seth Dunlap

+ friends/talent Calen + Kristy Rhome

It takes wild imagination to ruthlessly chart your own path in this world.. and nature can be a catalyst. 

Taking some time away from wifi to explore can help us picture the digital world, differently.

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New York, United States

Manhattan Skyline

Is the Manhattan Skyline a monument to the human ego, or ingenuity. Is the city about contrasting lifestyles that never meet, or is it a unique melting pot. Should Manhattan inspire awe or disgust - who knows - but it continues to intrigue. Some amazing shots of  the city skyline courtesy of DTS.


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4 Mar 2021 - 3 Apr 2021

Polson, United States

Chasing Sunrises

Death to Stock teamed up with Chasing Sunrise, a community that gets up at the crack of dawn to get after what they want and catch the sunrise together.

The truth is, we don't have that much time.

And the way to make the most of it is by doing two things. First, we need to be as present as possible. Every moment can provide us with new meaning, new insight, but only if we're abl ...

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8 Oct 2019 - 31 Oct 2019

Nashville, United States

Natural Beauty

What does “natural” really mean these days? In some ways, the term has been compromised, and in others, we think it might be less about surface than sometimes it implies.
Natural Beauty to us is more about revealing the unique qualities of a person or thing. How we choose to represent ourselves is actually quite natural — and in our photography, it’s not about no makeup or no editing ...

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16 Jan 2019 - 2 Feb 2019

Detroit, United States

Into the Light

Pretend you’re standing on an imaginary line. There, a shadow splits you in half. Light & dark. This position represents every juncture in our lives and in our projects — at this intersection we have a choice. You can go back, into the dark, or you can step forward, into the light.

Or maybe you’re not standing at the divide of light and shadow. Maybe you’re looking on from afa ...

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3 Apr 2017 - 6 Apr 2017

La Habana, Cuba

Cuban Underground

As some seek to put up walls, we're reminded of the power of the people in finding ways around them. Strong wills subvert the systems put in place to suppress. Information, truth, and compassion always find a way to be shared.

In Cuba, an impressive network of information and entertainment circulation has formed. Restricted from reliable web connectivity, the people have d ...

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3 Feb 2017 - 25 Feb 2017

Anchorage, United States

Quiet Frontier

Some places are so silent they’re deafening. Looking out across vast emptiness and sprawling landscapes it’s hard not to reprioritize things. To adjust your sense of scale and feel overwhelmingly small. To realize how much exists just beyond our frame of reference.

You don’t have to travel thousands of miles to find a frontier — they exist in different ways every day. The edges o ...

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1 Dec 2016 - 21 Dec 2019

San Francisco, United States

Out of San Francisco

San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay and the spectacular coastlines surround the city are completely unforgettable. Courtesy of DTS.


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11 May 2016 - 19 Sep 2017

United States

Ride or Die

"We’re constantly seeking out people we feel are crushing their path.

When we heard CROIG was taking their custom motorcycles up the coast (and for a great cause) we knew it could be an opportunity to come together and capture the essence of bike culture and explore a racer mantra.

We are born as the Base Model Human Being. Made up of mostly the same component parts.

Many wi ...

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2 Apr 2016 - 6 Apr 2016


Curacao - Tropical Island

A tropical paradise provides the perfect backdrop and lighting to explore the exotic, courtesy of DTS. 


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17 Dec 2015 - 26 Dec 2015

Los Angeles, United States

LA Movie Story

A collection of shots capturing the home of movie making, Los Angeles, Hollywood. Shot in the beautiful Californian sunshine, courtesy of Death to Stock Photo.


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10 Jun 2015 - 24 Jul 2015

Big Sur, United States

Californian Serenity

California has some of the most beautiful beaches and nature in the world, the perfect place to get away with friends and hit the open road, captured courtesy of DTS.


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4 Apr 2015 - 5 Apr 2015

London, United Kingdom

London Street Scenes

A beautiful gritty selection of shots showcasing a city that is the backdrop so so much history and so many films and books. London shot beautifully and intimately courtesy of Death to Stock Photos.


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3 Apr 2015 - 18 Apr 2015